Our week ended with one last writing activity inspired by a story about the tornados in Alabama abd Mississippi this Spring. Victims' personal effects were found miles away from their owners - and through a Facebook page, how others found them and attempted to return them to their owners. 

Here are writing samples from the Subject / Verb Stories we did the day before. The assignment was to write a story only using subjects and verbs. Read on.


Dolphins swam.
Water rippling. Aging boat. Wind howled.
Water choppy. Got lost two weeks. Deserted. Fend for themselves.
Dolphins rescued. Debt never repaid.


Dream Storyteller

I'm falling. Alice in WOnderland. Clocks ticking. Doorbells ringing.
Someone shouting. Cats hiss. Dogs bark. Sprinklers spray. All craziness.
Crickets chirp. Never quiet. All dark. Land. Tall ceiling. Through door. Ocean of crabs.
I awoke.
- Katie


Cat meowed.
I thought. 
Dreams spun. 
Sun rose. 
I drove.
We talked.
He told.
I told.
He gaped.
I spoke.
Sirens blared.
I screamed.
Doctors rushed.
They drove.
I cried.
He whispered.
I spoke.
He slept.
- Xochtl


You Tried

She lied.
He cried.
You tried.
She left.
He wept.
You tried.
She tan.
He walked.
You tried.
She died.
He died.
You're tired of



He hit.
She pushed.
He left.
She sobbed.
He came back.
She screamed.
He screamed.
They embraced.
She hit.
He pushed.
They embraced.
He left.
She cried.
She died.
He came back.
He cried.
He cried.
He died.
Their ghosts scream.
- Amy


We're glad you came to our  reading and art exhibit this afternoon and thanks for being game about doing a writing exercise yourselves!

We really enjoyed being creative with your children!


Word relay!

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Amy, Esme and Xochtl

Amy, Esme and Xochtl

Galen, Kyra, Katie, Gillian and Emma

Galen, Kyra, Katie, Gillian and Emma