Every week, in "You Read it Here First!" we feature writing from students in "Take My Word For It's!" creative writing classes.

When these young authors become well known writers, you can say you read them here first!

Last week our camper, 14 year old Kyra, wrote this piece after pulling a random word from a basket. 

The word was "sad".


Sad things:

Storm clouds, road kill, rain, funerals, war, cold, lonely, death, broken pencils, blue.


What people do when they're sad:

Cry, go to therapy, hoard, mope, pick up strange habits, pretend to be happy, eat.


Ways to be happy:

Do yoga, take a bath, sing, dance, make bracelets, dance, draw, watch a movie, bake a cake, go shopping, write, go on a road trip, play volleyball, call friends, throw a party, sneak out, fall in love, catch a butterfly, paint your nails, read girl magazines, take a picture, start a blog, create an alter ego, do something nice for someone else, wear a dress for no reason, buy new underwear, paint your room, pick flowers, make a friend, hold a baby, go outside barefoot, hang out with your family, eat chocolate, solve a riddle, play a card game, write a letter and don't send it, buy a cute lamp, buy expensive water bottles and refill them until they break, pretend to be environmentally friendly, clean something, steal your Dad's baggy T-shirts, read a boring book just to say you read it, wear sunglasses indoors, memorize every rap song you know, go swimming, exercise, eat a health bar in front of people, do something with your hair, travel, learn how to drive, play music way too loud, make a list, count something.