We had a wonderful first day of camp in Piedmont today! Check out some bits from our campers' "I am from" poems!


Our Piedmont campers!

I like animals

I like breathing the air

I like nature

I like that the trees are

staying for now



I am from the big oak tree

In our neighbors yard



and kicking

in to our tiny backyard



I am from the shining


I am from

sleep away camp.

I am from a lot of

fun, I am craft making hands,

I have a head full of


I am from the cool

swimming pool,

I am from a designing


I am from me.



I am from leaping

over rivers, playing in

the meadow, building forts,


for brothers and

cousins, making

changes to the world, cats and dogs

every other animal that

needs respect, although we speak

in different tongues, we should

be treated the same.



I am from the deep sea,

swaying grass, strange creatures

I am from the tree tops,

having a chat with a bird

I am from magical valleys,

winged horses, dragons

I am from a colorful mind.



I am from the scritch


of my pencil

I am from the

voice of my

sister arguing

I am from

warm sand

on the beach.

I am from the smell

of my Grandma’s


-Kai Kai


I am from a smile

I am from the sound

of crashing waves

I am from sand

squeezed between my toes

I am from a stage

I am from a creek

that leads to an ocean

a creek

that’s just begun its story



I am from the inside of my peach


to the nice

fresh air of my


the bumble bees buzzing

and the

birds chirping

every morning I wake up


feel home



I am from snoring

To sleeping

Sleeping and screaming

Screaming to the smell

of egg and juice again



I am from a



I am from

the tree

I am from the


I am from


I am from the




We started our art afternoon by making sketchbook covers by exploring paint, mixing colors, stamping, scraping etc. We'll finish assembling our sketchbooks tomorrow and use them throughout the week. Our next project was decorating small frames using recycled materials- the students did a great job and will decide if they want to bring in a photo or put a piece of their writing in their frame. We played a surrealist drawing game called "exquisite corpses" where each student drew a head, folded their paper over and passed it to the right where the next student added a torso etc. Our results were very funny so each student described the piece they unfolded and gave it a title. A fun first day with a great group!

Piedmont campers


Piedmont campers


art at camp in Piedmont