Today we started off with the writing prompt "I reached inside my pocket and found..." We then did Family Metaphors and an exercise called Walking in Someone Else's Shoes, where the kids picked a show from a bunch we brought in, built a character around that show, and then wrote a story from that character's point of view! 

IMG_0230 We had another beautiful day this afternoon so we did an art project in the park. Students started a watercolor painting that included doors, windows and other compartments that will be cut so that they hinge open to reveal ....what? We'll finish them and find out tomorrow! Back in the classroom we put together our sketchbook and plan to do some sketching outdoors tomorrow. We also celebrated Naomi's birthday and she brought lady bug cookies! Mmmmm

Take a look at some of our writing samples below!



I reached into my pocket and found…a bicycle wheel with two holes on opposite sides that wasn’t quite deflated.



…When suddenly, she heard, “Bogagogachinabooyagooaching” near Africa so she stole a car and drove to Africa, blue eyes flashing, black and pink hair waving. In Africa, she smiled and showed her straight white teeth. Her roomie, from her apartment sent her an email. “Have fun! You are going to die in this outfit I’m sending you!”



IMG_3288 Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes:

One day there was a woman named Carrie. She was an agent for the FBI. But the problem was she was a bit psycho. On February 13, 2012 she went to work with Polka dot pants and a Hawaiian t-shirt on. But she forgot to wear her shoes. So she ran all the way back home to her fairy house.



Monaca was walking to surfing lessons when some ice cream fell on her head. She looked up and a little boy started to cry. Quickly she ran up to him and gently gave the ice cream to him, He was very pleased. She rubbed his soft wet cheek.



IMG_3289 Family Metaphors:


My dog is a big brown teddy bear waiting to be snuggled. 

My grandma is a book that can never be put down.

-Kai Kai



My grandma is a sewing machine that has great designs.

IMG_3290 My grandpa is a book that is only put down for meals.



Mysister is a laughing cow mooing all the time. -Megan