Here are some excerpts from our week of camp at the Center for Creative Exploration!

The Secret lives of animals


“The only strange thing about me was as soon as I hatched out of my egg, I lifted my soft, fuzzy, baby, feather wings and started flapping severely. All of my family members started staring up at me as I began to hover out of my cozy nest into the cool breeze. All of the sudden I started falling through the air. My mother swooped down and I landed on her warm, plump back with a quiet plop.” –Sydney, 5th Grade


“Britney is a butterfly—a spoiled, beautiful, bratty butterfly. She is mean, and not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. Most Butterfolk love her—only for her beauty and popularity, though. Others despise her. These are the lonely, unpopular, jealous, slightly dumpy Butterfolk. Nobody really cares so much about them.” –Sara, 6th Grade


"Once I’m in Alexis’s room, I see she’s lying in her de-stickified spider web hammock. She has a beautiful room and lovely paintings on her green leaf walls that were painted with fruit juice. She has a few weaved toys laying around too. ‘I’m not getting any younger here,’ Alexis reminds me. I sigh and start gently polishing her wings.” –Dahlia, 6th Grade.


 Keeping an imagined secret

“One day I was thinking about something. I was thinking about running away from home. Instead of leaving during the afternoon, I will just leave at night. So I snuck out the window and I ordered a boat and I flew to Mexico and I lived the life of a dog.” –Praxedis, 3rd Grade