We're half way through the week already, taking a look at all different facets of secrets. Yesterday we started off by continuing work on the secret stories that we started on Day 1.

Following the more somber look at Anne Frank's secret hiding place, we took a more lighthearted look at the "secret recipe". The kids were given free range to come up with original secret recipes for all kinds of things - not only the edible kind.

Here are some excerpts:



"One day Emily was thinking. She was the top chef at the restaurant Chez Panisse and they needed a new recipe. She had made a few up but none of them seemed right. Then, she had an idea. She wrote down: Beauty..."



A Recipe for Flying Pigs

"'I bet I can pass the test!' said Claire. "In fact, I'll get a better grade than you!'

"Ha!' barked Jane. 'When pigs fly!' ...

Claire wrote down a recipe for a flying pig. Here is what she wrote down:

1. A small pig

2. Fairy wings

3. A parachute

4. A tall building

5. Drop the big, parachute, fairy wings and all off the tall building..."



A Recipe for How to Grow Taller

"Once upon a time there was a white rabbit who was very wise and cunning. One day the rabbit said to himself:

'I am so short and everyone else is so tall! This is very bad!'

The white rabbit said this as he hopped along the floor deep in thought.

'Aha!' he said. 'I will make a magic cake that will make me grow!'

So the rabbit brewed and bubbled, boiled, and added until it was all done. There sat two tiny cakes.

He took one big bite and ate the whole thing!



Secret Recipe

"There was once a very selfish, but sad and lonely woman who lived in a forest in a small wooden hut. She wanted someone to keep her company. So she go out a large bucket and started to make a recipe for a perfect friend.

It took her days, which turned into weeks, which turned into months. Finally, finally, the potion was done. The woman laughed with excitement. And then, out of her bucket rose the perfect best friend. His name was Steve..."



Later in the afternoon we completed a fantastic art project making  boxes with drawers using four match boxes and decorative papers, gluing on covers, positioning them and adding brad drawer pulls. It was a challenging project and all the students did an awesome job! They each finished their own hide-away box for little secrets. We then wrote messages for our mailboxes to be opened tomorrow.




And, here are some pics from the art containing secrets we worked on the day before!


Art 1

Art 2

Art 3

Art 4