Today we started The Word Party in Piedmont! We learned all about each other by answering some fun questions, then we collaged the first pages in our journals with words and images cut from magazines. I asked the students to write an "I Remember" poem, which is a way of describing their memories so they come alive for the reader. It's a great way to learn more details about the author's life. Here are a few snippets from some of the students' "I Remember" poems:

Word Party campers Calla:

"I remember my chorus performances . . . I remember my first day of kindergarten . . .I remember moving, and I felt sad we were leaving San Francisco. . ."

Word Party campers

"I remember my house in Kensington -- it was a big yellow house surrounded by gates because I was only 2 . . . I remember when I first met Alan in kindergarden . . ."

Word Party writing Helena:

"I remember one day I took a fish out of the water and it died . . . I remember Uncle Tony who lives in Canada . . . I remember taking ice skating and karate lessons . . ."

Word Party campers Alexandra:

"I remember the fireplace burning on a cold night . . . I remember my mom's beautiful smile . . .I remember going down a steep slide . . . "

writing at camp