Today we read a wonderful piece in the Huffington Post from Timothy D. Slekar, Division Head for Education, Human Development, and Family Studies at Penn State Altoona. In it he writes from the perspective of a student anticipating the new school year. Here are some of our favorite quotes:

I prefer to engage in real learning.

I prefer not to spend the first five months of school preparing for tests...

I prefer to have gym, art, and music classes.

I prefer not to sit and listen all day long...

I prefer to have assignments that are interesting, hands on, help me discover, make me ask questions, and allow me to be proud of my work.

I prefer not to dread going to school...

School bus Is your child ready to go back to school? The bigger question is: Is your child excited to go back to school?

Mr. Slekar is right when he demonstrates just how much focus has been given to testing in education today. True learning comes in many forms, and best when kids are allowed to experiment and make mistakes. They should not be nervous about going back to school, but on the edge of their seats, ready to get their hands dirty and create things they can claim as their own. Not ashamed that they prefer to use their right brain, but lauded for their creative thinking!

We encourage you to check out Mr. Slekar's piece here and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below! What is your child's experience in school? Is he or she excited or dreading the new academic year?