Happy Why Not Write? Wednesday and Happy Birthday to Emily Bronte!  

Emily Bronte, the author of the classic Wuthering Heights, was born on this day in 1818. She, along with her sisters, were brought up in the moors of England--a spooky yet idyllic space that set the tone for many of their novels. (Another classic, Jane Eyre, was written by Emily's sister, Charlotte.)  That eery tone is called "Gothic."

Gothicism is a school of literature, written in a way that describes strange or frightening events that take place in mysterious places. (Other books like Frankenstein and Dracula are considered Gothic Literature, and most Tim Burton films like Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline could also be put into this category as well.)

What if you were to write a gothic? Start with a setting, be it a creepy old house, railroad tracks, a haunted Hospital, and then come up with characters and action that is taking place.  Make it a little be mysterious and have fun with it!