Do you like movies? Television shows? Plays? The minds behind some of our favorite things to watch are writers! Writing for television and film, and theater is called scriptwriting. How fun would it be to experiment and see if scriptwriting suits you?

Here are a few prompts that'll get you started writing your scripts:

What are you writing? A Comedy? Tragedy? Love Story? Drama? New Broadcast? Kids Show?

How is the story set up? How are the characters introduced in the script?

What is the conflict in the script? How does the conflict develop?

What is your setting?

Who is the protagonist? Antagonist?

Write a scene of dialogue between  two characters. Add in their actions in parentheses. You'll want to focus primarily on dialogue and action because that is how actors are able to convey a story in theater, TV and movies.

Once you've finished, grab some friends and act out your script!