It's Why Not Write Wednesday and it's also the birthday of German-Swiss author, poet, and Nobel Prize laureate, Hermann Hesse! Hesse was a man who wrote a lot about spirituality. especially about understanding his own and other peoples' beliefs. So, in honor of him, why don't we do the same?

What do you believe in? This doesn't necessarily have to be tied to religion, though it can be! Are there ideas, attitudes, and/or actions you use to live and make decisions in your everyday life? Whatever it is you believe, we think it is worth writing down!

Here are some more specific prompts to get you started:

Describe what you think a belief is.

Do you believe that someone or something watches over our lives on planet earth? If yes, tell us about it. If not, tell us why not.

Do you have friends that believe different things than you or the same things as you? Explain how your beliefs are similar and different. How do the similarities and differences make you feel?

Or to take the idea of belief in a slightly different direction:

Do you believe in aliens? Ghosts? Bigfoot? Nesse? What about wizards or witches? Tell us why, and if there was a specific circumstance or event that solidified those beliefs, write about it using the 5 senses! (Have you ever seen or felt a ghostly presence?)