Every Wednesday our creative writing prompt challenges you to pick up your pen and indulge your author self! 

Wednesday again...it's time to write!

The days of summer are in full swing, friends are playing one-on-one basketball on the park courts, golfers are out with their carts and clubs, and World Cup soccer has been blaring on the TVs all around us. Beautiful weather is a good reminder of which sports and activities we love best!

But,what if you could make up your own sport to play or watch?

What would the rules be? What would it be called? Would it be played in teams or individually? What would be the object of the game? Would there be winning and losing? Would you use a ball, a puck, a frisbee, or some other object? What would you wear? How many people would play at a time? Where would you play? Indoors, outdoors or both? Is there water involved? Snow? Grass?

Write a how-to for your new sport, and maybe you could even get some friends together and try playing it! Let us know how the game/match goes for you all! Post your descriptions in the comments section of our blog.