Want to see what we're up to in our after-school class at El Carmelo? Here are some excerpts from Lia, Chris, Allen and Clara!  

after-school at el carmelo


(exaggeration poem) 

Harry the horse was so fast

that he went around the world in one day.

He galloped, whinnied, and jumped over a fence

so fast he had no time for hay.

When he passed by he was only a blur,

and his mane flew behind him like a flag.

People loved to watch him run,

and his owner did nothing but brag


Chris & Allen

(collaborative exaggeration poem)

after-school at el carmelo
I planted a redwood

and it started to grow.

It was extremely tall

so that people in planes

could see it trunk and all.

I tried to stop it growing,

but it was really, really sharp

and cut my hand off whole.

Only then did it finally start to slow.



(Walking through a Forest exercise)

I was walking through a dark, murky forest. There were green slugs, and the trees were covered with brown, rotting leaves. The air felt damp and hot, and I could hear my heart beating. Suddenly, the path I was following split. I stopped dead. One path was labeled "flower" and was covered in flowers. The other path was labeled "skull" and looked old. I chose the flower path. But I didn't know it was the bad one.

I kept walking and noticed a key floating above my feet. I picked it up and felt a tingling feeling through my arm. As it spread throughout my body, I noticed everything around me was spinning. I kept walking and soon found a plain, silver cup. This time I didn't dare pick it up – I still felt dizzy from the spinning.

As I continued walking, I found a patch of quicksand blocking my way. I tried to go around, but there wasn't any ending on either side. So I jumped, hoping I could swim through it. But it kept pulling me down, the sand getting thinner and thinner until I was going down in water. Then, suddenly, I was back up again. I was shivering all over. And I was in a whole different forest, with birds fluttering all around. A happy feeling washed over me, and I decided to take a nap. 

I woke up and continued walking, then fell into a ditch. When I recovered, I noticed that a clear roof had covered the ditch. There was a small hole that turned into a big hole, then into a tunnel. I decided to follow it since there was no other way out.

There was a light at the end of the tunnel, and I started running towards it. Outside, I saw a small, blue fence and a cute doll gate. I went through and stood in a field covered with all colors of poppies.