Take a look at some of the work our after-school students have been cooking up at West Portal this fall!


Michael (What does it sound like?):

Scratch, scratchy, scratch dry leaf (paper towel)

People hitting a tin can (fork + grater)

Water dripping (maracas)


Lauren (Writing from Images + Photos):

Once upon a time there were two girls that wanted to see high from the sky. The girls name’s were Uma and Lauren…Uma filled 100 balloons with helium to make their machine fly higher.


after-school class

Alexandra (Dictionary Wordplay: sniglet):

One day there was a snickering piglet. The other pigs couldn’t stop him. He only stops in October and begins again in November.


after-school class

Kailey (What does it sound like?):

It sounds like an Indian rain dance or pattering rain. It has lots of rythym and even sounds like little beads in a jar. It brings me to a Mexican festival with laughing dancers (maracas).


after-school class

Jessica (Writing from Images + Photos):

A mysterious woman with eyes and a sleeveless black dress with white snowflake designs. Her hair is short and she has black earrings. She is covered in plastic.


after-school class

Reiley  (Writing from Images + Photos):

Tina Truman watched as the dragons flew North for the winter. Fire throat, the queen of the dragons guided them. Her large black tail followed her.


Nathan (Writing from Images + Photos):

Once upon a time, a farmer was staring blankly at the sun. Behind his field there were houses and many trees. Later that day, the farmer was still looking blankly at the sun…Around 3:15pm, the farmer yelled, “Where are my crops?”


after-school class

Vivian (Writing from Images + Photos)

They had raised the dragon since they found her in a hole in a tree. Since she started flying she loved to fly high in the sky so they named her Sky.


after-school class

Lauren (My happiness tastes like…):

My happiness tastes like a sweet cupcake and smells like a gigantic bowl of strawberry ice cream. I would eat where my happiness wants to stay.


Carrie (List Making: What would you bring to outerspace?):

  1. Food and Junk Food
  2. My bike to ride in the air
  3. My mom, dad, brother, sister, friends, a toilet, my teddy bear and an extra space suit.
  4.  Pizza


Jayde (Dictionary Wordplay: Collop):

The colloplet floated around for a suitable home. It had already passed a polluted river, a trash-filled lake, and a blazing, fiery hot creek…it finally reached the cool river.


Ryan (Writing from Images + Photos):

The fox was nimble and got to the truck and hid himself in the sunset of the scorching, sandy desert. 


after-school class

Anya (Dictionary Wordplay: Okeechobee):

An awkward veggie that smells like onion, tastes like chicken, looks like artichokes and feels like a bubbles.


Neil (If I had one wish…):

I wish to invent a genie generator in two minutes so I can get unlimited wishes or change the way the world works.


after-school class

Shawn (Story Starter):

There was a boy named James and he had a pet platypus. They went to prison for stealing platypus food from a pet store…The prison was underwater with a giant bubble around it…


after-school class

Rolland (Dictionary Wordplay: Kenspeckle, Odontoid)

There was once a kenspeckle named Bob. He was threatened by a pig who knows how to use odontoids. The pig wanted money and kept bothering the kenspeckle.


Brandon (If I had one wish…):

He went into a weird factory and saw huge jars filled with liquid. Each Jar had a name on it. The scientist said, “You may taste these jars. These jars contain happiness…”


Christopher (Dictionary Wordplay) 

            Another Universe (kenspeckle)

            An ancient Samurai (odontoid)

            “Thank you” in an alien language (okeechobee)

            A baby slug (syllabub)


Nathan (Freewrite: of their choice)

I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. But when I looked around my room, I realized that things were not what they seemed.


Edison (Writing from Images + Photos)

Once, a man wanted to make the world happy. He dropped a penny from Mount Everest. The penny went 900 mph! 


after-school class