The following excerpts of the kids' work came from some of this session's writing activities. Some were in response to prompts, and a few are  in response to learning about Amelia Earhart's flight. In the "My Name Is..." poems, students  personified their names. "My name is... " poem

My name is Niall.

My name is made from water,

I found my name in Egypt.

My name can flow around rocks,

If I lost my name Mother Nature would stress out!


Excerpt from "What I hate about being a kid"

What I hate about being a kid is that I can't sing when I want to. I can't cut with a really sharp knife. I can't tackle my brave cats who battle each other and both get really hurt...


Excerpt from "If I was a pet..."

If I was a pet bat I would wake up at night. I would be a brown bat. I would sleep in the morning. I would fly all night. I would sleep upside down. I would squeak. I would eat bugs. I could see in the dark to catch bugs...


Dear Amelia Earhart,

My name is Zoe and I am the author of this note. I'm writing to you because I want to ask you some questions about your journey: Were you the only one on the island? How did you survive? Were there harmful sea creatures surrounding the island? Were you scared? Do you miss your family?


Excerpt from "If I were a pet bird..."

If I were a pet bird I would not eat, and then I would shrink and then I could fit through the bars of my cage and make a paper bird so my owner would feed the paper bird and get tricked...


Dear Amelia Earhart,

What did you do when you were stuck on the island? I would kill fish and eat them. Were you putting on that freckle cream that they found when they went looking for you? I'm sorry that you died.




Excerpt from "If I were a pet bird..."

If I were a bird I would sing all day long. I would love my humans and sit on branches. I would have babies and keep them warm by sitting on them. I would eat and feed my babies, and before I died I'd make sure my babies were OK.


Excerpt from "If I were stuck on an island..."

If I was stuck on an island I would stay there for 100 years and no one would come to rescue me. If they did find me I would be happy, but I would have some animal friends so I would not leave them behind. I would take them with me, maybe a monkey, a panda, and even a bird. We would play animal games like animal hide-and-seek...