These are some excerpts from our Fall session of writing with 2nd and 3rd graders. Our theme was "Take Flight" and we explored all different aspects of flight including Amelia Earhart's journey, flights of fancy and flight of the bumblebee. Enjoy!



(L to R) Raquel, Dolci, Jasper, Shayna



From her “Flight of Fancy”

A bird soars over trees in its path to meet blinding sunbeams, which stretch down to meet the beautiful colors and light up the world. It touches a hillside where a butterfly stretches its wings and flies to shine new light and color on other animals and fill the earth.


From her “Flight of Fancy” 

She soars above valleys and rivers, mountains and oceans, as graceful as a swan. When she lands, she lands on a twig.


A letter from Amelia Earhart – written during her final flight

 I am happy that I am doing this. I need to take a risk. I am very proud of myself. It is getting cold. I am kind of scared. To all girls: follow your dreams. Mine was to fly.


From a freewrite prompt: "Just stay quiet, I think it's blind."

“Just stay quiet, I think it’s blind,” said Janie.

“I think it’s an evil devil zombie monster,” said Bill.

 “What’s an evil devil zombie monster?” said Janie.

 “I don’t know...”


The flight of the bumblebee 

 It feels fun. It is fun to go to different places and to protect the queen from predators. It sounds like buzzzz! buzzzz! buzzzz! It feels like I have heavy feathers on my wings and it feels cold up in the sky and it tickles my wings. I hear birds chirping all around me and it’s fun to fly all the way to another place, to many places, and to travel to Asia and Africa and many other places around the world.


The Flight of Words

They are flying, around and into my ears, and they’re exit is my mouth. They twiddle around my body like music that you can’t dance to. And if there is a good one, well that’s just nice, because it stitches the wounds in my heart. And if there are no wounds, then lucky me! That makes my heart stronger inside me. But if there is a bad one, well that’s pretty scary, because it rips the seams that have just been mended.